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Window Fire Egress Security Screens

As great as it is to be safe from external threats, when the threat to safety is inside the building, occupants need to be able to get out fast.

The Amplimesh fire egress window security screen provides the answer. The same secure Amplimesh window security screen protects from outside but the mounting fixture is quickly and easily opened from the inside to allow fast exit if ever required.

Fire egress window security screens retain all the good features of Amplimesh fixed window security with the added peace of mind that escape is always possible at any time. Suitable for use by young children and elderly people.

The Amplimesh fire egress security screen system is time-tested and a proven product securing hundreds of thousands of Australian homes.

Amplimesh Security Screens


Durable natural anodised and powder coated finshes.

Stainless steel security mesh

Indestructable 316 marine-grade stainless steel security mesh

10 Year Guarantee

Amplimesh Australia-wide 10 year guarantee on materials, construction and installation.